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Basarab Nicolescu

Poetic Theorems

“Landing between prose and poetry, science and art, philosophy and spirituality, The Hidden Third charismatically disseminates a new renaissance transmission. Leaving the reader breathless, re-imagined, re-generated. Mind duly sanctified.”

Gary P. Hampson

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A Poetic Rhizome

Vicente Valero is a writer of great metaphysical profundity, but a metaphysical withal, not abstract. He has the privilege of observing both death and love.

 Octavio Paz

 Nobel Prize for Literature,1990

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 Javier Moreno 

A Novel without a Plot

Kubrick, Malkovich, Einstein and everything else. A piece of quantum prose

Don DeLillo

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Brief Notes on Science, Fear, Relationships, Music and Bloom- Literature


In bursts of humor and wit, Tavares leads the reader on a jaunt—through the pages, through a series of thought exercises—until we, perhaps, have precluded the possibility of return.

Ilina Logan

The Columbia Review

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Antonio Gamoneda

The Scream of a Land

Antonio Gamoneda

is "the greatest living poet in the Spanish language"

Raúl Zurita

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Man in Blue is an essay on the painter Francis Bacon (1909-1992), written from the perspective of the poet Óscar Curieses. Based on the extensive bibliography available on Bacon, the author expands upon the works produced by such critics as David Sylvester, Michael Peppiatt and Gilles Deleuze, to offer an innovative approach, in the form of a posthumous diary, to this fundamental twentieth-century artist. Peek inside


Oscar Curieses

A Fictional Posthumous Diary

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