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Basarab Nicolescu

"Where does modern science stand in the essential poetic enterprise? Himself a high-level particle physicist, Nicolescu reports the present crisis of the hard sciences: the demand, as he puts it, for an 'ontological opening,' a recognition of being"


David Appelbaum, 


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"Vicente Valero is a writer of great metaphysical profundity, but a metaphysical withal, no abstract. He has the privilege of observing both death and love."

Octavio Paz

Nobel Prize for Literature,1990


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 Javier Moreno 

"Kubrick, Malkovich, Einstein and everything else. A piece of quantum prose"

Don DeLillo

"Plots bore me"

A review of Alma by

 Michelle Murray

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"In bursts of humor and wit, Tavares leads the reader on a jaunt—through the pages, through a series of thought exercises—until we, perhaps, have precluded the possibility of return"

Ilina Logan

The Columbia Review

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The purpose for which the corporation is formed is to help achieve a better understanding of the relationships between language, perception and self-perception, therefore our motto Words MATTER. In furtherance of this educational purpose,  we  seek out and publish works of literary merit dealing with the relationship between art, science and the mind. We promote international and experimental voices that bend literary genres and creatively integrate ideas and disciplines into a literature that builds bridges of poetic perspective. 

Multilingualism and translation are a vital part of our publishing endeavor.



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