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Quantum Prose Presents

Holbox EcoCreative Program



Discover our EcoCreative Program on Holbox Island, meant to raise ecological awareness and connect you with a community of international artists.

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The Green Flash / El rayo verde

Located in Holbox, México
The anthology of the First Quantum Prose Writers-and-Artists EcoResidency 

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Learn about our past programs and the surrounding environment at
Isla Holbox, Mexico. 


Read a comprehensive review of our Holbox, Mexico Residency Program 2022

Review was written by Susana Martín Gijón for "El País" in Mexico.

Article published in Spanish in 04/26/2022

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Learn about our Program

We have designed a four-week program that will connect us with our mission, our surrounding natural area, our fellow artists and our own inner process of creation. Tours, gatherings to share our work, meditation, yoga classes and a temascal experience (sweat lodge), will all be part of this eco-holistically inspired program! It includes the following activites (feel free to join those that you feel called to!) -Welcome and farewell dinners. -Drawing workshops. Get feedback from your fellow artists on your envisioned projects.  -Writing workshops. Get feedback from your fellow writers on your envisioned projects.  -Bilingual weekly gatherings over brunch to share pieces of our projects with the group.  -Meditation and yoga sessions to root us to the present and stimulate the body’s innate creative energy. -The Three-Island boat tour to get to know our geographical placement.   -One mangrove tour to learn about the island’s biodiversity and challenges.  -One bioluminescence night tour to spark our creativity.  -A temascal experience to cleanse us to our essence. -Publication in the anthology of the Residency and international distribution through the press' channels.

Interested in being part of the Quantum Prose – Holbox 2022 EcoArtists Program? Send us the following information and materials to -Candidate’s personal information: name, short bio, address and contact phone number. -Sample of your work. Writers: A writing sample in pdf format (10 pages double-spaced) either in English or Spanish Visual artists: A shared digitalized version of your artistic dossier via Google Drive.  -A paragraph containing a tentative project to be developed during the residency. -Visual artists, please indicate which specific media is involved in your project and if shipping arrangements will be needed to return your work to your home. Remember that we are focusing on painting, drawing and photography. IMPORTANT: The applicant will be responsible for their own medical / accident coverage. Please, acknowledge this your application. If you have an accessibility or disability concerns, let us know!

History of Isla Holbox, Mexico. Many times throughout history, the Yucatan and Mexican governments tried to relocate the indigenous inhabitants of Holbox, but to no avail. Once occupied, the settlers stayed put, refusing to leave their new stunning land. The people of Holbox have an incredible reputation for being brave and strong, two characteristics that have helped them preserve their slice of paradise for centuries. Even today, they have strict rules about tourism so as to keep their island a glorious gem. The community is known for its deep respect for nature, as well as its dedication to preserving the island’s ecosystem. For example, they have created an extremely effective recycling program that even includes “trash” fish. The government of Mexico has recognized Holbox as a “Pueblo Mágico”, or magical town. This is an honor bestowed on only the most beautiful and unique cities in Mexico. Holbox is a tiny island located in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Yucatan Peninsula. The island covers about 6.24 square kilometers (2.4 sq mi), and has approximately 3,000 residents. As soon as you step off the plane on Holbox, you feel like you’re in another world. The island is small and remote, but it has a population of over five thousand people—most of them white-skinned with blue eyes. It seems almost impossible that such a tiny island could support so many people; however, they have managed to make it work by preserving the natural beauty of their surroundings and utilizing them wisely. Today, Holbox is home to about 2,000 residents and has become a popular tourist destination. There are several reasons why this island paradise is so desirable: its pristine beaches, plentiful marine life and colorful reefs make it one of the most beautiful places in the world. Source: ​


Meet our Facilitators


Marta del Pozo

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Quantum Prose founding editor and author, Marta del Pozo, coordinates the writing workshops and the editorial activities. 

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Iván Blanco

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Multidisciplinary Mexican artist Iván Blanco is the facilitator of our art workshops and our licensed tour guide. 

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