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Here, at Quantum Prose, we seek the deeper truth, the vital link between words and reality, therefore our motto Words Matter.  We publish works that bend literary genres and reenchant our lives. Art and translation are essential in our publishing endeavor. 

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New Releases

Rubén Martín Giráldez




$21.95 USD

Translated by Peter Khan

"Masterful is a discourse, a satire, a pamphlet, a diatribe. It is the language of an apocalyptic and suicidal king abdicating his seat, his language, the Spanish language, because he can't tolerate the mediocrity acquiesced to by the average writer and reader.»

- Diego Sanchez Aguilar

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Juan Andrés García Román


The Adoration 
G.ROMÁN, Juan Andrés

$21.95 USD


Translated by Nick Rattner

"A voice of clarity, of rigour - the poetry of Juan Andrés García Román is a gesture in the direction of an oft forgotten project - poetry as a gift, as an acceptance of limita tion, a gesture into the language we use to describe existence and experience. His tone is ethereal, graceful and somehow, beyond a justification, indelibly Spanish."

- SJ Fowler, 3:AM

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"He is neither avant-garde nor marginalized,  neither quirk nor any other lazy or easy label. Rubén Martín Giráldez is simply a highly original writer, and his Masterful (entertaining, sadistic, and verbose) demands interpretive insolence. A lure that all audacious readers should get hooked on."

- Gonzalo Torné on Masterful

Various Writers

The Green Flash / El rayo verde 

Various Writers

$21.95 USD

Anthology of the First Quantum Prose Writers-and-Artists EcoResidency 

With the participation of Leonard Schwartz, Fabián Ávila Alatorre, Juan Andrés García Román, José Luis Céspedes Huerta, Nick Rattner, Lonica Hennebury, Roe Sarita, Gregg Harper, Hugo Clemente, Iván Pérez-Blanco Avilés, Yusi Yareily Sabido Correa, and Susana Martín Gijón.

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Lila Zemborain

SOFT MATTER_edited.jpg

Soft Matter 
$ 21.95 USD

Translated by Christopher Winks
"The squares of which this book is composed resemble surfaces where thought is flattened and refrained. However one can find invisible hinges that allow us to look inside our intellect and peek as far as sight can get, even though the borders of matter whisper in our ears that we cannot transcend; that we begin and end in a limited numbers of cells. We can look but how often do we see."

Esther Giménez con G

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Antonio Gamoneda


Castilian Blues 
$22 USD 

Translated by Benito del Pliego and Andrés Fisher

Written between 1961 and 1966 but left unpublished until 1982, Castilian Blues clearly shows the blueprints of the elements that would later on define Gamoneda’s entire work: a raw yet clear voice that not only addresses the search for freedom under a dictatorship, but also pushes the boundaries of poetic language.

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Basarab Nicolescu


The Hidden Third 
$19.25 USD 

Translated by William Garvin

A Series of Poetic Theorems

"Where does modern science stand in the essential poetic enterprise? Himself a high-level particle physicist, Nicolescu reports the present crisis of the hard sciences: the demand, as he puts it, for an 'ontological opening,' a recognition of being"

David Appelbaum

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Javier Moreno



MORENO, Javier

$16 USD

Translated by Peter Kahn

This is not a book. As the title suggests, this is a soul: an Alma. But a soul, make no mistake about it, is not something from another world. It is a conglomeration of images and words, reproductive data made available to anyone for the satisfaction of the democratic and mephistophelian instinct (who has never desired the soul of another?). This novel speaks to what we are--or are not--prepared to share. Maybe we don't know yet what intimacy is, maybe it is the negative of our own image. It is also possible that the only intimacy left to us is that of words.

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Vicente Valero

ONE DAY 01.png

One Day in the Secret Forest of Words 
VALERO, Vicente
$ 20 USD

Translated by Richard Sturgess

“This writing offers an animism that refuses animism, a humanism that refuses humanism, a spirituality that rejects the self-preening moral high ground — but also an astonishment that refuses any limitations on the realm of astonishment.” Leonard Schwartz, author of IF (Talisman House)

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Gonçalo M. Tavares


Reading is Walking (The Encyclopedia Series) 
TAVARES, M.Gonçalo
$25 USD 

Translated by Rhett Mc.Neil
“The greatest gift of the Portuguese novelist Gonçalo M. Tavares is his ability, as a writer, to reduce the world to fragments and reconstruct it again as if it were his own creation. Each of his books (or set of books) is a kaleidoscope that rearranges reality for us better to observe it.” Alberto Manguel
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