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Creative Writing Courses 

Our Writing Program delves into the creative power of perception. The exercises are based on notions from quantum physics, neuroscience, and mindfulness, but also on ancient mystical traditions. All these branches of knowledge affirm that our thoughts (attention) and words (intention) shape the fabric with which we perceive reality.

Currently accepting applications for Winter 2022 - 2023

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Learn to transform your reality in writing 

Exercise your creative writing skills

Our courses are designed to help students achieve an accelerated level of creative writing. Learn to combat creative block!

Learn to connect with mindfulness

Meditation and other mindful practices are core components of our comprehensive lectures. There is no creative writing without active mindfulness.

Network with our community of writers

Interacting with our creative community is the first step in our writing journey. Students will receive access to other resources, including future programs. 

Course Description

Additionally, we offer face-to-face and online courses, for groups or private students. It is possible to join at any time of the year after completing the intro to the program. 

Classes take place once a week, last 2 hours and include a writing exercise to do at home. 

The basic course consists of 8 classes, after which it is possible to continue with single classes vouchers.

Classes are held either in English or Spanish.


Winter 2022 -2023 Programs

JANUARY-MARCH 2023 (classes begin as of January 9)

We have organized several introductory sessions in November and December, free of charge, so that you may learn more about the program and meet Lissi, the facilitator.


Contact us to register for a free session.

Meet our Facilitator


Lissi S. Michaelis

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Lissi holds a BA in Film from New York University, where she also earned an MA in Creative Writing. She has contributed to numerous international magazines and her book El sapo blanco was published in 2015 (DíazGrey Editores). She has also completed the MBSR mindfulness program at the University of Massachusetts and holds an official diploma from the Mindful Schools organization.


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