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We are an independent organization devoted to ecological awareness, among other global crises. Therefore, our most recent project is aimed at promoting writers and artists to join our endeavor. 

Elevate Consciousness through Art (A Quantum Prose Mission)

Our bilingual Eco-Active Artists-and-Writers Program is aimed at healing and restoring, through creative writing and art, our connections to life in its multiple and vibrant human and post-human manifestations. We strongly believe that Holbox's unique atmosphere and current ecological challenges amplify our mission of cultivating this ecological awareness into our literary and visual creative expressions. We believe in the possibility of change:

In quantum physics...​

there is no separation between the observed and the observer.​

The quantum field is a realm of infinite possibilities

that when consciously perceived, collapses into observed reality.​​

Since the maturity of our consciousness determines our fate, 

As creative artists...​

we have the power to elevate consciousness, 

heal our connections with living systems, 

and prevent ecologies like that of Holbox

from being sucked beyond the event horizon of a black hole.

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Publication in the first volume of the Quantum Prose Eco-Active Series

Our program entails the bilingual publication* by the Quantum Prose Eco-Active Series of a collective volume to be printed, distributed and marketed with the press' channels. The topic of artistic exploration will be precisely the island of Holbox and its "black hole." Participants will be free to address the multidimensional realms of the topic (environmental, socio-political, cultural, philosophical, etc.), informed by their own personal and artistic interests, techniques and styles. We intend to have a convergence of visual and verbal languages that will ultimately produce a collective volume with the selected work produced in situ by the participants. We encourage the dynamics of collaboration among the participating artists and writers to discover relationships between visual depiction, writing and their surroundings. 

* This program will be conducted and published in English and Spanish.

The Facilitators 

Quantum Prose founding editor and author Marta del Pozo will coordinate the writing workshops and the editorial activities while the multidisciplinary Mexican artist Iván Blanco will be the facilitator of the art workshop and our licensed tour guide. 

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A Creative, Exploratory, Ecological and
Connective Program

We have designed a four-week residency program that will connect us with our mission, our surrounding natural area, our fellow artists and our own inner process of creation. Tours, a temascal experience (sweat lodge), gatherings to share our work, meditation and yoga classes will all be part of this eco-holistically inspired experience. The program includes the following (feel free to attend the activities you are mostly called to! )


  • Welcome and farewell dinners.

  • Drawing workshops. Get feedback from your fellow artists on your envisioned projects. 

  • Writing workshops. Get feedback from your fellow writers on your envisioned projects. 

  • Bilingual weekly gatherings over brunch to share pieces of our projects with the whole group. 

  • Art supplies needed for the visual projects (see application package).

  • Meditation sessions to root us to the present.

  • Yoga classes to stimulate the body’s innate creative energy.

  • A temascal experience to cleanse us to our essence.

  • The “tres islas” (three-island) boat tour to get to know our geographical placement.  

  • One mangrove tour to learn about the island’s biodiversity and challenges. 

  • One bioluminescence night tour to spark our creativity. 

  • One group trip to ChichenItzá archeological site and cenotes in the area (session 1 participants will be able to attend during the spring Equinox to the "descent of the serpent", an astronomical phenomenon devised by Mayan architects)

  • Participation in the first collective volume of the Quantum Prose Eco-Active Series. (Should you develop a full book of artistic merit we are open to evaluating its publication in our main catalogue)

  • International distribution through a major book distributor. 

  • Visibility and marketing through our social media, website and bookstore contacts.

  • 10 physical copies of the issue for each participant's use.


And an unforgettable consciousness-lifting experience through art and community in a unique and vibrant setting!!! 

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