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PAPERBACK                               $22

Antonio Gamoneda
Translated by Benito del Pliego and Andrés Fisher

*Physical copy includes both English and Spanish translations.

Written between 1961 and 1966 but left unpublished until 1982, Castilian Blues clearly shows the blueprints of the elements that would later on define Gamoneda’s entire work: a raw yet clear voice that not only addresses the search for freedom under a dictatorship, but also pushes the boundaries of poetic language. In a similar way to the genre of music that inspired it, Castilian Blues molds suffering and pain into a collection of poems that effortlessly highlights the musical pulses of language.  This is a reviewed edition of the original and its first English translation. 

Antonio Gamoneda is

“the greatest living poet in the Spanish language”

Raúl Zurita 

Premio Nacional de Literatura de Chile

and Premio Reina Sofía de Poesía Iberoamericana. 

ANTONIO GAMONEDA was born in Oviedo, Spain, in 1931, only five years before the beginning of the civil war that devastated his country and marked his life. His first book, Sublevación inmóvil, was published in 1960. In 1987, Edad, an edition of his complete poetry to that date, earned him the National Poetry Award. An updated edition of his poetry —Esta luz, 2004— was received with unanimous recognition: the highest honor in Spanish and Portuguese poetry —Premio Reina Sofía de Poesía Iberoamericana—,  the foremost literary distinction in the Spanish-speaking world —the Premio Cervantes—, and one of the most significant awards for European writers, — the Prix Européen de la Littérature.

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Watch the author reading Blues de la escalera / Stairways Blues
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